Theddlethorpe All Saints, Lincolnshire

Welcome to the Lincolnshire Churches Blog.  I'm a 'yellow-belly' by birth and it was the churches of my native county that first got me interested in medieval art and architecture.  It is a passion that has grown and grown and doesn't show any sign of abating!  It was also through these special buildings that I first began to sense something of God's presence, his changelessness and beauty.  So began an exploration that has lead me on a long path towards ordained ministry.  You'll find no star ratings on this site, what I hope you will find is a textual and photographic record of some of Lincolnshire's architectural and spiritual gems, that gives you some sense of the character and atmosphere of this varied and fascinating group of buildings.   I also provide some details of the locations of each building and notes on access.  
Do enjoy the blog,
Allan Barton

June 2010


  1. What a lovely collection of churches - I will never get up to Lincolnshire, but through them I can enjoy their beauty.
    I am trying to collect images of churches 'down south', do have a look at some of these churches - especially Cullompton in Devon.

    Thank you

  2. Hello Rev Barton

    I am wrtiting to you in regards your lovely Lincolnshire Churches Blogspot and whether you will allow me to use your photographs and text within it.

    My name is Linda Patrick and I have just been appointed Church Support Officer for National Churches Trust. I am working with Sarah Crossland (I think you may know her from CVTA) on a HLF funded project which is aimed at helping the churches within the Horncastle Deanery Lincolnshire. Specifics are to provide training and support so these churches are able to welcome and promote themselves to tourists.

    Each church within the deanery is currently being put on the NCT's fantastic website Explorechurches.com. I am responsible for doing this and in my research for information I have stumbled across your blog which features many of our churches.

    So, the question, would you allow me to use some of your lovely photos and text in the descriptions of our lovely churches? I am thinking this will save me so much time but also prevent wheels being invented unnecessarily!

    One final question, were you ever a priest in Lincolnshire? You may know my husband Charles Patrick? He is currently vicar or Horncastle, but has been in Grimsby, Barton on HUmber and Middle Rasen.

    I think I have explained everything above but if you need to find more about the project please do not hesitate to contact me. And I do hope you will give me permission to use your words adn pictures.

    Kind regards

    Linda Patrick


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