Theddlethorpe All Saints, Lincolnshire

Welcome to the Lincolnshire Churches Blog.  I'm a 'yellow-belly' by birth and it was the churches of my native county that first got me interested in medieval art and architecture.  It is a passion that has grown and grown and doesn't show any sign of abating!  It was also through these special buildings that I first began to sense something of God's presence, his changelessness and beauty.  So began an exploration that has lead me on a long path towards ordained ministry.  You'll find no star ratings on this site, what I hope you will find is a textual and photographic record of some of Lincolnshire's architectural and spiritual gems, that gives you some sense of the character and atmosphere of this varied and fascinating group of buildings.   I also provide some details of the locations of each building and notes on access.  
Do enjoy the blog,
Allan Barton

June 2010


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