Martin (near Horncastle)

Martin, Lincolnshire


Standing forlorn, with only a farm for company, St Michael's is a precious little building. Although restored in 1877 and built of a patchwork of Greenstone and brick, the church is essentially Norman. You enter the church through a striking Norman doorway, it's capitals carved with grotesques. Inside is a spectacular chancel arch, dating from c.1200 and a wonderful example of the transition between Norman and Early English. This narrow opening admits to a dark chancel, sheltering a stone altar with medieval mensa. On the east wall of the chancel is a bracket formed from a waterleaf capital. The church is filthy and damp and it is evident it is now little used and little loved.

Martin, Lincolnshire

Martin, Lincolnshire
Access:  There is ample parking on the roadside, or in the farmyard.  The church is open during daylight hours. 

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  1. Recently been re-whitewashed internally, re-pointed externally, gutters repaired and a new carpet laid - Certainly not unloved.


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