Waddingworth, Lincolnshire


One of many remote Lincolnshire churches made redundant in the 1970s, St Margaret's Waddingworth is in the secluded valley of the Lincolnshire Wolds that is believed to be the geographical centre of Lincolnshire. The church is tucked away in the corner of a farmyard and is privately owned.  It is still used for occasional services, including an annual mass in August in celebration of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Although it is for the most part a fourteenth century Greenstone building, a lot of the church was reconstructed in brick in 1808. There was a further restoration in 1913 by H F Traylen of Stamford.  The delightfully furnished interior of the church is mostly due to Traylen's work.  He converted the box pews into panelling and provided a simple 'English' altar.  The furniture is painted green.  Traylen retained some furnishings including the pulpit and Georgian altar rails. The roof retains some of its medieval timbers, but has probably been reconstructed too. The only significant monument is a ledger slab in the nave floor to Edward Dymoke, a member of the prominent family seated nearby at Scrivelsby.   It is a charming building lovingly cared for my it's current owners - a wonderful place of retreat. 

Waddingworth, Lincolnshire

Waddingworth, Lincolnshire

Access:  There is designated parking area to the north of the church. You should find the church open, but if not you can get a key from the neighbouring farmhouse. 

If you want to see some more photos of Waddingworth look in my Flickr folder


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